By Mike | 28 May 2015 | 0 Comments

dry polishing pads for granite slab&countertop, marble, concrete

Dry pads can cut granite and concrete very aggressively due to the higher concentration of diamond. 

For longer lasting, use slower speed or apply little to no pressure to the polisher when using lower grits. Dry 

polishing generates more frictions and heat thus running too fast or pressing too hard on the polisher will result in sheering off many diamonds before their useful lives are up. We also supply a turbo grinding cup if you plan to remove a lot of material at lower grit. The vacuum brazed pads option may take longer to cut,  Brazed diamond on a thin round steel sheet with Velcro or Backer pad backed. You can easy mount on any machine. Since it is a brazed diamond tool with 50-80% diamond exposure it can be applied to excellen heavy removal for marble, concrete and granite wthout shaking even run by dry.

it is available in both 4" ,4-1/2"and 5" diameter and available on request 

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