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Premium wet polishing pads

Super long lasting, last up to 2X vs. Regular pads;-Very aggressive and as flexible as the Regular pads;-Good for polishing materials with abrasive nature;-Wet applications only, maximum speed 4,000 RPM.

Phoenix 4” wet polishing pads are made with top quality synthetic diamonds and resin. The straight or curved slots on the surface make the pads flexible. The Velcro backing can be attached to back holders easily and allows for a fast switching between pads. When attached to a semi-rigid or super flex back holder, they can be used to polish contoured areas. When attached to a rigid back holder, they can be used to polish flat surfaces. A complete set usually comes with grit #50, #100, #200, #400, #800, #1500 #3000 and a buff pad. Different back colors with grit numbers burned into Velcro makes it easy to identify grit sizes. Black buff is for dark stones and white buff is for light color stones. Polish from #50 to #3000 in order and use buff pad as the last step to achieve the best polishing results.

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